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If you are looking to extend or renovate your property, you need expert advice and guidance from a team of qualified professionals. Property renovations and extensions are enormous undertakings and must be efficiently planned to ensure the very best results. It is vital to collaborate with a company and team that value attention to detail and work with the most excellent quality products.

If you are a local resident of Haslemere and are looking for a professional, experienced team to guide you through your renovations, our team at Bailey Construction UK Ltd can provide you with the finest quality craft. We are a family-run company with an extensive catalogue of work.


Haslemere Renovations

Although our reputation as new build builders precedes us, we also renovate and undertake a range of existing buildings. We can renovate any age or size of property to your exact specifications. Our expert team of architects and building experts will guide and manage your project from start to finish. With a broad range of practical and design skills, our team at Bailey Constructions UK Ltd can assist you in the planning, design and building of your home.

Haslemere Extensions

If you are looking to add extra space and value to your Haslemere property, an extension can offer a stylish and practical solution. Although a well designed and developed extension can add as much as 20% extra value to your home, it is vital to review and ensure that an extension is the right choice for you as it could take any remaining garden space. However, choosing to build an extension onto your home in Haslemere can offer you an exceptional ROI. For example, adding a £50,000 en-suite bathroom to a Haslemere flat, you could increase its value to a staggering £110,000. With such a significant ROI, an extension could be a lucrative undertaking. For more information and valuations, please contact our home building specialists.


We are happy to assess your property and offer a free initial consultation for the work. If you choose to work with us, we can assist you in obtaining planning permission from your local council. Our team will also discuss design plans with you to ensure that your project delivers your desired outcome.

Why should you choose Bailey Construction UK Ltd?

Bailey Construction UK Ltd is a family run building firm with an exceptional working reputation in our local Haslemere and the surrounding areas of Surrey. Our team of skilled and qualified builders provide unrivalled attention to detail to ensure that we realise your vision for your home. All of our work is covered with an extensive warranty and quality assurance through a complete end-to-end service. We assure our clients that every member of Bailey Construction UK Ltd is thoroughly trained and insured. Read more…

If you are looking for a local building company to help you realise your vision for your home, please do not hesitate to contact Bailey Constructions UK Ltd at 01428 653 716.

Call today and see how we can assist you in building the home of your dreams.

Call today and see how we can assist you in building the home of your dreams.